Our differentiators

Since its inception, our focus has been the development of policies and procedures to become the most viable, secure and efficient solution to the needs of our customers. Today we stand out for having:

  • Rapid, flexible and effective responses.
  • Customer centric error-free logistics solutions.
  • Leading edge knowledge and practice on foreign trade operations.

All this has been thanks to:

  • Our expert foreign trade knowledge.
  • Quick reaction to regulatory changes seamless to customers.
  • Reliable customs compliance avoiding costly penalty fees.
  • Responsive to customer's demand variations and urgencies.

Security and compliance

Security is one of our top priorities at the Atlas Group, that is it's the responsibility of all businesses within the Atlas Group to:

  • Maintain a safe working environment.
  • Adhere to Federal, State and Local safety, health and environmental laws and regulations.
  • Maintain tools of informatics security.
  • Maintain security in all our transportation fleet.
  • Maintain processes security, such as:
    • GPS tracking control system.
    • Geofence.
    • Maintain real-time communication with drivers.
    • Drivers always staying close to their units.
  • Maintain physical security:
    • Listing of facilities, activities and hours of operation.
    • Security guards, perimeter security devices, locking devices, lighting, alarms, CCTV, etc.
  • Make security training:
    • Policies related to CTPAT, safety and security training and related procedures.
  • Participate in voluntary security programs sponsored by the US and Mexico governments.



  • Opportunity to improve supply chain avoiding disruptions.
  • Transparency increase, uncovering any potential discrepancies or issues quickly.
  • Protection for information, goods and facilities due to requirements of certification.
  • Prevention of loss or stolen merchandise.
  • Special or exclusive cross-border line (for trucks).
  • Expedite customs clearance.

Our Certifications

  • CTPAT certified.
  • OEA Certified Commercial Partner.
  • Mexican Standard NMX-R-026: Customs Broker's Quality of Services

    Certified company: Coordinadora de Servicios Aduanales Atlas, S.C. (Customs operations of goods office covered by import or export "pedimentos").

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).